Dark Eden Transdisciplinary Imaging Conference 2020

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Conference on Transdisciplinary Imaging at the Intersections between Art, Science and Culture The Dark Eden conference comprised three stimulating days of key-note lectures and presentations by over sixty international professionals including creative arts practitioners, media artists, science and technology researchers, designers, curators, historians, critics and theorists, presenting new and innovative work exploring the theme of Dark Eden. Our distinguished keynote speakers Timothy Morton, Laura Marks and Barbara Bolt covered diverse topics such as beauty, cognition, freedom, media consumption, magic, performativity, matter, embodied imaging, contemporaneity and human and non-human agents, to touch lightly on their compelling provocations. Conference theme Is the Dark Eden a Counter-Enlightenment? Is it a shadow zone, a spectral landscape, a cemetery or a zombieland? Is it the debris of an image culture, or does it provide the material for a new culture?

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