Corey Randall

Graduate Research Assistant (Electrochemistry)

Golden, CO

Earning my PhD at Colorado School of Mines with an expected graduation date of August 2023. My research focuses on renewable energy generation/storage as well as MIP optimization. Current work/projects include: PEM fuel cell modeling to understand limitations at low Pt loading, in-operando neutron reflectometry to characterize nanothin polymers, and MIP optimization modeling (with PV, battery, thermal storage) in buildings.


  • Langmuir-Hinshelwood Kinetic Studies of High Pressure Switchgrass Char Gasification
  • Effects of Modeling Approach and Microstructural Transport on Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells
  • Predicted Impacts of Catalyst Layer Ionomer Microstructure and Distribution on PEMFC Performance
  • Using Neutron Reflectometry to Quantify the Carbon-Nafion Interface for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Applications
  • Predicted Impacts of Graded Catalyst Layer Ionomer and Pt Distributions on PEMFC Performance
  • Predicted Impacts of Pt and Ionomer Distributions on Low-Pt-Loaded PEMFC Performance

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