• Determination of the shearing behaviour of root-permeated soils with a large-scale direct shear apparatus
  • Effects of roots and mycorrhizal fungi on the stability of slopes
  • Effects of mycorrhizal fungi on slope stabilisation functions of plants
  • An investigation of plant-induced suction and its implications for slope stability
  • Assessment of plant-induced suction and its effects on the shear strength of rooted soils
  • On the dilatancy of root-permeated soils under partially saturated conditions
  • Estimating the full range of thermal conductivity dryout curve
  • Thermo-hydrological behaviour of green infrastructure: A comparative field and laboratory study
  • PLEXUS @ NGIF - Field and laboratory measurements
  • Volume change behavior of root-permeated soils under partially saturated conditions
  • Emulation techniques for rapid flow-like geohazards: a case study-based performance analysis
  • National Green Infrastructure Facility – a specialised ‘living laboratory’ to assess the value of urban green infrastructure
  • Ground heat exchange potential of Green Infrastructure
  • Physics-informed machine learning to model rapid complex geohazards
  • A modular and scalable workflow for data-driven modelling of shallow landslide susceptibility
  • Quantifying rainfall forecast uncertainty and error propagation in flash flood and landslide prediction models
  • Combining green infrastructure and ground heat exchangers in urban areas
  • Data compilations for enriched reuse of sea ice data sets
  • Data-integrated executable publications for reproducible geohazards research
  • Reproducible Workflows and Compute Environments for Reusable Datasets, Simulations and Research Software
  • A modular framework for FAIR shallow landslide susceptibility mapping based on machine learning

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