Andy Tattersall

I joined ScHARR in 2001 after working as a journalist with my remit to provide support and guidance to staff and students in their use of technology and information resources. My role is to scan the horizon for opportunities relating to research, teaching and collaboration and maintain networks that support this. I have a keen interest in new ways of working by employing Web 2.0 and Social Media including video but also pay close attention to the implications and pitfalls for using such advances. I offer guidance and support on information literacies and digital copyright. My main areas of work are in digital academia, scholarly communications, Web 2.0, social media, Google Apps, Altmetrics, MOOCs, infographics and the Web. I regularly write and give talks about digital academia, research and learning technology, scholarly communications, open research, web tools, altmetrics and social media. In particular, their application for research, teaching, learning and knowledge management.