André Luis Reis

Adjunct Professor (Applied geophysics)

Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil

I am a professor of Geophysics at UERJ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, interested in modeling and inversion of Potential Fields.


  • Estimating the magnetization distribution within rectangular rock samples
  • Characterizing Complex Mineral Structures in Thin Sections of Geological Samples with a Scanning Hall Effect Microscope
  • Scanning Magnetic Microscope Using a Gradiometric Configuration for Characterization of Rock Samples
  • Generalized positivity constraint on magnetic equivalent layers
  • Detecting surface-breaking flaws with a Hall effect gradiometric sensor
  • Spinel nanoparticles characterization by inverting scanning magnetic microscope maps
  • Construction of a Hall effect scanning magnetic microscope using permanent magnets for characterization of rock samples

André Luis Reis's public data