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Piezoelectric on Fractals Induced Flow Dynamic: Turbulence Management

posted on 2023-05-05, 01:23 authored by TED SIAN LEE
Understanding the fundamental characteristics of square fractal grid (SFG)-generated turbulence and its interplay with fractal geometrical parameters are indispensable for effective utilisation of SFGs to improve turbulent mixing, forced convective heat transfer and fluidic energy harvesting capacity. This thesis unravels the basis of fluid-structure interaction between the 2D planar space-filling SFG-generated flow and a flexible piezoelectric thin-film by means of an in-house established system, namely the piezoelectric thin-film flapping velocimetry (PTFV) that enables the SFG-generated turbulence mechanical characteristics, particularly the induced forcing to be fundamentally enlightened.


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Foo Ji Jinn

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Ooi Ean Hin

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Chang Wei Sea

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School of Engineering (Monash University Malaysia)


Doctor of Philosophy

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Faculty of Engineering