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Form mind body space time – the geometry of human movement

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posted on 2022-10-24, 03:19 authored by D Bertol
Movement happens in three-dimensional space: an interaction is established with
the body as agent of movement and the space surrounding the movement. The
doctoral study "Form Mind Body Space Time: The Geometry of Human Movement"
explores this interaction focusing on human movement and the geometry of space
as defining and defined by the moving human body. Forms are produced by the
moving body as space-time configurations and geometry is both a framework and
source of inspiration. This creative practice-led research demonstrates the ways in
which human movement embodies and expresses geometry and how movement
exists in relationship with three-dimensional space. The project presents theoretical
explorations in design, making and movement, through a phenomenological firstperson
practice approach, where designing, making and moving are the
methodological actions. The researcher’s body is the primary source of investigation
and data collection. The geometry-inspired movement practice is established in
urban or natural places as well as in a specifically designed framework. Drawing on
the seminal work of Rudolph Laban, the research investigates the interaction
between mover, movement and a built structure, called movement infrastructure,
which supports and enables the production of movement defined by the human
body’s symmetry and proportions.



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