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Co-creation for transdisciplinarity - Adoption of participatory design and agile project management in collaborative research processes

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posted on 2019-12-11, 09:29 authored by Enric Senabre HidalgoEnric Senabre Hidalgo
This PhD project investigates co-creation methods applied to transdisciplinary research. In the context of the Network Society, research collaboration has grown in popularity among scientific teams, under many approaches and forms. Among them, transdisciplinarity represents a specific type of collaborative scientific activity. Transdisciplinary research goes beyond the collaboration of experts from different disciplines, and can also involve non-experts and non-scientific stakeholder communities for holistically addressing different problems and issues, as in the case of citizen science or action research. Transdisciplinarity involves complex research processes and new challenges, such as how to deal with diversity from participants, especially for planning and managing projects. This thesis, articulated around a compendium of publications, explores if and how far co-creation methodologies can contribute to addressing these challenges, in different contexts and phases of transdisciplinary research. The research focuses on the need to explore and analyse how transdisciplinarity can be influenced by co-creation at the practical and procedural level, particularly when adopted by scientific teams in the preliminary and day-to-day collaboration for research projects.