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Full-Stokes polarization multispectral images (FSPMI) generation code

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posted on 2023-05-18, 16:15 authored by Axin Fan, Tingfa Xu, Geer Teng, Xi Wang, Yuhan Zhang, Chang Xu, Xin Xu, Jianan Li
The experimental data are processed using MATLAB R2019b software to generate the FSPMI dataset. The software code and supporting files that generate the dataset are packaged into “FSPMI generation”. The file labeled as “FSPMI_generation_main.m” is the main program to process the experimental data to further generate the dataset. The file labeled as “text2trans.m” is the function required to run the main program, implementing the interpolation of the various spectral responses to the same wavelengths. Spectral response files (.txt) for all devices named by their items are provided in the folder “Optical devices”, which is also called when running the main program. In addition, the toolboxes named “curvefit”, “eml” and “matlab” are necessary to run the main program. In the “eml” toolbox, the subtoolbox named “lib” is necessary. In the “matlab” toolbox, the subtoolboxes named “datafun”, “iofun”, “polyfun” and “strfun” are necessary.


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