File for "Perceptual routes for fraction magnitudes"

2019-04-05T19:13:26Z (GMT) by Andres Rieznik
This page was created to host and distribute under a creative commons license the data and a series of MATLAB codes used to generate the plots and tables in:

"Perceptual routes for fraction magnitudes",
Andrés Rieznik, Verónica C. Ramenzoni, Florencia Luna, Carolina Londoño y Valeria Edelsztein (2019).

You must save the compressed folder called in your computer. When you extract it, five files will be created: four csv files containing the data and the file Figures_Final.m file, that you must run in matlab in order to obtain the figures in the paper.

The csv files must be saved in a folder included in the matlab path. If they are not, when you run Figures.m a message error will appear.

All these codes were saved using R2017 and Windows 10, so we are not sure whether it will work properly when using earlier versions or others operational systems or hardware.