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Why Open Science is now?

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posted on 2018-02-21, 01:27 authored by Hideaki TakedaHideaki Takeda
In this talk, I try to explain why we are talking about Open Science now by examining the history of Open Science. Current Open Science is not directly related to openness of Science Community fostered in Western Culture. Rather it is born by the influence of digitalization and engagement of Internet or openness of Internet in short. But openness of Internet itself is born with the great influence of open science tradition. There are four paths from openness of Internet to Open Science, i.e., (1) Data-intensive Science: Result of digitalization and Internet engagement of Science, (2) Open Access: Result of digitalization of Internet engagement of Scholarly publication, (3) Open Data: Result of digitalization and Internet engagement of governments, and (4) Digital Citizen Science: Digitalization and Internet engagement of Citizen Science. These four paths imposed the different parts of Science Community. The first relates the network of researchers, wile the second relates the world of research that included researchers and organizations like publishers, research institutes, and funding agencies. The third and fourth related both the world of researchers and the society.

Presented at the workshop of the Scope, Incentive and Method of Open Science, Feb. 20, 2018, NII, Japan


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