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What are Ecotypes Adapted to? Insights from Common Garden Experiments Across Geographic Gradients

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posted on 08.08.2017, 00:33 authored by David GibsonDavid Gibson, Travis NealTravis Neal, Loretta Johnson, Sara Baer
Presentation from Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting Aug 9th, 2017, Portland, Oregon. This presentation was in the IGNITE format and part of a session "Multiple Common Garden Experiments for Meeting Restoration Challenges: Difficulties and Potential Challenges."

The slides in the actual presentation may be slightly updated from these.

Abstract: Common garden experiments can be used to recognize ecotypes from across the range of a species with a view to identifying sources suitable for restoration. However, simply growing plants from different sites in one location provides limited insight into the drivers of ecotypic adaptation. We contrast inferences drawn from a multi-garden common garden experiment, along with a common garden experiment that included soil manipulation to highlight the need to manipulate more than just source populations to determine mechanisms behind ecotypic development.


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