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Views on innovation - The scholarly communication landscape and changing research workflows.

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posted on 20.04.2016, 04:38 authored by Jeroen BosmanJeroen Bosman, Bianca KramerBianca Kramer
A global survey on scholarly communication generated a large amount of data (20,663 respondents) available for all to scrutinize and analyze. The data captures the tool usage patterns of of researchers and others across the globe carrying out research or supporting it. Tool usage tells us something about research practices. A few examples make clear what can be done with the data, though still only scratching the surface. The data also reveal global patterns of support for Open Access and Open Science and expectations among research of the future developments in scholarly communication. 
This was presented live at the Force2016 conference in Portland, OR, USA on 20160419, organised by Force11 (


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