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Using citizen science and remote sensing data to track hummingbird migration and its potential drivers

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posted on 2016-01-23, 16:27 authored by Sarah SuppSarah Supp

This is a slide deck from a public presentation at the undergraduate colloquium for the Biology Department at Valparaiso University on 22 January, 2016. The talk briefly covers several projects related to hummingbird migration: 1) impacts of winter conditions (food resources and cold temperatures) on migratory behavior and physiology (fat, mass, molt, arrival), 2) descriptions of migration routes for 5 North American hummingbird species (Supp et al. 2015 Ecosphere), and 3) adding remote sensing data to hummingbird migration trajectories.

Sarah Supp wrote and gave the talk, which contains published and in prep work for an ongoing collaboration with Catherine Graham,  Frank La Sorte, Tina Cormier, Kevin Guay, Patrick Jantz, Donald Powers, Scott Goetz, Marisa Lim, and Anusha Shankar.