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Strategic Planning using a Change Management Lifecycle Framework

posted on 2021-07-13, 19:22 authored by Rowland MosbergenRowland Mosbergen
This framework is reverse-engineered from the implicit methodologies that I have used successfully in many diverse and complex technical and political environments.

This presentation discusses how to provide feedback to the meso and micro levels systematically. It also highlights that providing stakeholders with an update on the feedback provided by others in an anonymous way helps build relationships and trust with the stakeholders.

With this information, we can share more widely with the community in an acceptable way that guards the privacy of our stakeholders who have provided feedback.

A previous example of this methodology being used was the How to best engage with digital humanities research in Victoria?" project run by the Federation for the Advancement of Victorian eResearch (FAVeR). This methodology resulted in a preliminary report of needs for digital humanities research in Victoria. This report was then use to encourage researchers and funders to see the opportunities in the digital humanities community.


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