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Space Weather Research at Trinity College Dublin

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posted on 06.10.2016 by Peter Gallagher, Sophie Murray, Eoin Carley, Jordan Guerra, Sung-Hong Park, Diana Morosan, Aoife McCloskey, Laura Hayes, Sean Blake, Tadhg Garton, Joe McCauley
Poster at "Space Weather - Risks and Challenges for Ireland" at the Customs House, Dublin, Ireland on October 6, 2016.

What is space weather?
Space weather describes the changing environmental conditions in the near-Earth environment.

Why is space weather important?
These disturbances in the Earth’s magnetosphere (magnetic field) and ionosphere (upper atmosphere), along with bursts of solar radiation can affect the technology and infrastructure we all rely on in our day-to-day lives.

Countries such as the USA and UK recognise and are exploring the impacts of space weather on power grids, aviation, satellite based services (inc. satellite navigation), the finance sector and rail networks.

This workshop is an opportunity to understand more about space weather and what challenges a major space weather event may present within Ireland.

Aim of workshop
· Increasing awareness & understanding of space weather and potential consequences within organisations potentially impacted by space weather

· Identify need for mitigation strategies and space weather forecast and warnings


1. Welcome and introduction
G. Fleming, Met Eireann

2. Overview of ESA SSA Programme and European space weather activities
J. Luntama, European Space Agency

3. Space weather overview – what is space weather and what might be the impacts? 
Andrew Richard, National Grid, UK

4. Table-top space weather exercise (based upon severe storm ~ 1 in 100 years).
M. Gibbs, Met Office / A. Thompson, British Geological Survey

5. Discussion about impacts and interdependencies in Ireland.
P. Gallagher, Trinity College Dublin / Koen Verbruggen, Geological Survey of Ireland

6. Next steps for Ireland.
G. Fleming, Met Eireann