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Quality assessment of Wikipedia and its sources

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posted on 2020-12-17, 20:23 authored by Włodzimierz LewoniewskiWłodzimierz Lewoniewski
Slides from the December 2020 Wikimedia Research Showcase:

Information in Wikipedia can be edited in over 300 languages independently. Therefore often the same subject in Wikipedia can be described differently depending on language edition. In order to compare information between them one usually needs to understand each of considered languages. We work on solutions that can help to automate this process. They leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms. The crucial component, however, is assessment of article quality therefore we need to know how to define and extract different quality measures. This presentation briefly introduces some of the recent activities of Department of Information Systems at Poznań University of Economics and Business related to quality assessment of multilingual content in Wikipedia. In particular, we demonstrate some of the approaches for the reliability assessment of sources in Wikipedia articles. Such solutions can help to enrich various language editions of Wikipedia and other knowledge bases with information of better quality.