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Presentation: Open-science for gravimetry: Tools, challenges, and opportunities

Online talk given at the GFZ Helmholtz Centre Potsdam about my work in open-source gravimetry, the Fatiando a Terra project, and open practices in science.


The Fatiando a Terra project is a collection of open-source Python libraries for geophysics which cover a range of functionalities, from data download and processing to modeling and inversion. Many of our tools are general purpose but we also focus on gravimetry and magnetometry. Development on the projected started in 2010 and has gone through several iterations as the team matured and established best practices for maintaining software projects in the open.

This talk is an overview of the history and current iteration of the project, including a short demonstration of our current capabilities for downloading and processing gravity data. We will then move on to our plans for future directions of the projects and information of how you can get involved. Finally, we will briefly discuss some of the challenges and opportunities of adopting open-science practices.


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