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posted on 15.11.2016, 19:18 authored by Jonathan ClarkJonathan Clark
Keynote Presentation at PIDaplooza 2016

Knowing what’s what and who’s is an old problem. Thankfully we have made huge progress and many communities have now understood and agreed persistent identifier standards. But what would a future look like if everything has an identifier? How will I know that I can trust the information? How can I know how persistent an identifier really is? And what about the object it describes, how persistent is that? What if that object is physical and not digital? How will my machine know all this? What if digital objects can roam freely, and can self-describe and interact automagically? 

This session on the future will attempt to predict the unpredictable and imagine the unimaginable. And maybe, just maybe we might discover that this future is closer than we might think