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NIDM-Results. A standard for describing and sharing neuroimaging results: application to image-based meta-analysis

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posted on 2016-10-07, 15:08 authored by Camille MaumetCamille Maumet
NeuroSpin seminar - October 3rd, 2016

Only a tiny fraction of the data and metadata produced by an fMRI study is eventually conveyed to the community. This lack of transparency not only hinders the reproducibility of neuroimaging results but also impairs future meta-analyses. The issue is multi-factorial with a number of ethical, psychological and technical barriers. In an effort to tackle some of the technical issues, The Neuroimaging Data Model (NIDM) was built to make sharing of neuroimaging data and metadata as effortless as possible. This model was developed as part of the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF) neuroimaging task force.
In this talk, I will present NIDM, and review our recent progress in providing a model to share the statistical results of a neuroimaging study. In particular, I will show how this standard is made accessible to neuroimaging researchers through their usual software packages and tools (SPM, FSL, Neurovault). Finally, I will demonstrate how the use of this standard enables image-based meta-analyses. 


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