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ISF Ontology: Lessons in mapping

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posted on 17.08.2015 by Graham Triggs

A presentation given by Graham Triggs, Symplectic at the VIVO 2015 conference in Cambridge, MA.




Much has changed since Symplectic first introduced harvester extensions in 2012 to allow a VIVO instance to be populated with curated data from an Elements RIM system. Since then, Symplectic has used the CASRAI dictionary to extend and standardize the data stored in Elements, and the VIVO ontology has evolved into the Integrated Semantic Framework.

In early 2015, Symplectic released an upgrade of the harvester, bringing the mappings up to date with the VIVO ISF, ensuring all of the CASRAI-based standard Elements data was included. But while both systems have ties with CASRAI and influences in their data, the structure of the data can be very different.

In addition to handling these differences, we were also able to extract keywords into assertions against controlled vocabularies, infer institution types, and create people for co-authors at external institutions.

This presentation discusses the lessons learnt from upgrading data translations to the VIVO ISF ontology, the challenges encountered in mapping differing data structures, and the techniques used to overcome them.