INDUSTRY_Design Guidelines for Smartphone Interaction with TV

2018-06-14T04:11:01Z (GMT) by ACM TVX2018 Deborah Z. Torres
1. Focus on the casting experience. Casting shows, movies, and video clips are top activities performed by individuals who use smartphones to interact with TV.
2. Offer ways to browse content easily and efficiently. It is easier to scroll through content on a smartphone by swiping the touchscreen than it is to use a remote to interact with TV UI.
3. Allow search tasks to be completed on a smartphone. It is easier to type on a smartphone keyboard than it is to use a remote. Consider voice search.
4. Control multiple sources and apps with a single app. Reduce the need for multiple remotes and apps to control TV.
5. Explore ways to make the smartphone just as good as the remote for controlling TV functions and Live TV. Some prefer the remote for these tasks.
6. Improve the experience of viewing photos and listening to music on TV. For example, allow users to easily interact with media locally stored on smartphones on TV.



CC BY 4.0