INDUSTRY_An MMT Layer-Aware FF-LDGM Code and Its Implementation

We introduced the MMT standard mainly focus on our proposed Layer-Aware FF-LDGM code as its application to the next-generation 4K/8K broadband/broadcast service.
The Layer-Aware FF-LDGM code can protect high priority layer efficiently without increasing additional redundant data.
We implemented the Layer-Aware FF-LDGM code that meets the MMT standard. Then we confirmed its high coding performance for temporally scalable 60P/120P SHVC data which is specified in the ARIB standard.
Currently, ARIB does not standard the broadband specification of the next generation 4K/8K broadband/broadcast service.
The broadband specification for the 4K/8K broadband/broadcast services is required.
Advances services can be realized by specifying both the broadband/broadcast protocols.



CC BY 4.0