Additional file 1: of Characterization of sulfhydryl oxidase from Aspergillus tubingensis

Purification of AtSOX as analysed by SDS-PAGE. Molecular weight (MW) standards are shown in lanes 1 and 9. The sample from initial crude cell-free medium is shown in lane 2. As a first purification step was used anion exchange chromatography with a Q Sepharose column. In lane 3 are the unbound proteins, and in the lanes 4–6 bound and then eluted proteins, from Q Sepharose column. Lane 6: AtSOX containing fractions selected for further purifications steps. In the lanes marked 7 and 8 are shown fractions obtained from the last purification step using anion exchange chromatography with Resource Q column (analysed in a separate SDS-PAGE gel with MW standards in lane 9). (PPTX 137 kb)