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Additional file 16: of Comprehensive survey and evolutionary analysis of genome-wide miRNA genes from ten diploid Oryza species

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posted on 2017-09-11, 05:00 authored by Showkat Ganie, Ananda Debnath, Abubakar Gumi, Tapan Mondal
Structure of the 2-membered clusters of miR1861 family. Here cluster-II represents all the 2-membered miR1861-clusters. The two members of a 2-membered cluster are joined by a nt. sequence of ~100 bp (A). Alignment of cluster-II from the Oryza species (B) showing the deletion of 22 nt is consistently present in the 2nd member of a 2-membered cluster. (PPTX 343 kb)


Indian Council of Agricultural Research