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Lessons and Impacts of a Remote Early Childhood Education Program in Hard-To-Access Settings in Lebanon: A Randomized Controlled Trial

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posted on 2023-05-15, 20:07 authored by Global TIES for ChildrenGlobal TIES for Children

In this brief, Global TIES researchers explore outcomes from the first evaluation of a remote early childhood education (ECE) program for families affected by conflict and crisis and the second of the effect of short-term (shorter than 3 months) ECE programming. It evaluates the impact of an 11-week remote early learning program (RELP) delivered alone and in combination with Ahlan Simsim Families (ASF), a parenting support program. Key takeaways include RELP and RELP+ASF had significant positive impacts on emergent literacy and numeracy and overall child development as well as on child play. RELP had significant, positive impacts on social-emotional and motor skills. Also, The size of the impacts found on child development is in the range of those seen in evaluations of in-person preschool from around the world, suggesting that RELP is a viable alternative to support children in places where in-person preschool is not feasible.

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