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NWB2023_Predicting the future of the research trends – on examples of OSH publications from 2010-22

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posted on 2023-10-10, 09:21 authored by Witold Sygocki, Aneta Drabek


This research aimed to predict the research trends on occupational safety and health (OSH) on the example of Poland. To obtain a representative data set selected OSH scientific journals indexed in Web of Science CC (WoS CC). Downloaded data include record set from WoS CC - articles affiliated with Polish scientific institutions. For that analysis were used in two ways. In the first approach sets of metadata (e.g., keywords) of publications indexed in WoS CC from 2010-2022, especially for each year of that period (2010, 2015, 2020, 2022) was used. The second approach used the same dataset and separate categorization using parent categories representing working environment: physical, chemical, biochemical, psychosocial hazards, personal protective equipment and ergonomic as part of OSH. That will provide information on the representation and volatility of publication topics over the years.

While working on the poster, the authors will try to answer the following questions:

RQ.1. What are the main topics for research on OSH for 2010-22 in Poland?
RQ.2. How changed the main topics for OSH? Which topics were and which are the most important for research in Poland now?
RQ.3. Is it possible to predict the topics of research on OSH for the future based on data on already indexed publications?
RQ.4. The WoS CC does not index all OSH achievements for Poland – does it make sense to use these databases to predict research trends? Is possible any other solution?

It is a preliminary study. The authors plan to broaden its scope.

This paper is published and based on the results of a research task carried out within the scope of the sixth stage of the National Programme “Governmental Programme for Improvement of Safety and Working Conditions” supported within the scope of state services by the Ministry of Family and Social Policy. task no. 7.ZS.06. entitled Scientific communication (regarding the safe functioning of humans in the working environment) for increasing the effectiveness of research works. The Central Institute for Labour Protection – National Research Institute is the Programme’s main co-ordinator.


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