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NWB2023_More Than Our Rank a preliminary analysis of signatories’ narratives

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posted on 2023-10-10, 09:51 authored by Marianne Gauffriau, Elizabeth Gadd, Laura Himanen

More Than Our Rank (MTOR) was launched October 2022 in response to the problematic effects of global university rankings. MTOR encourages academic institutions—whether ranked top 10 or yet to place—to join like-minded institutions and publish narratives that highlight the many ways they serve the world. Ways that are not reflected in their ranking positions. By March 2023, twelve institutions have signed MTOR, and eight have published narratives on their websites. This study is a preliminary analysis of the narratives. It gives examples of what the eight universities are proud of that they do not see reflected in the rankings.

The analysis of the eight MTOR narratives applies four categories: Education, research, knowledge transfer, and other. In each category, we look for statements/success stories and indicators. For context, we also look for statements on global university rankings and MTOR in the narratives.

The narratives offer many different indicators, for example, number of medals in Olympic and Paralympic competitions. Many of the statements/success stories are about contributing to the region of the institution and to important international agendas, for example research integrity or climate change.

Two narratives do not mention ranking positions at all, four discuss their rank(s) without mentioning specific rankings, and two narratives mention their position in specific rankings.

The study shows that the eight institutions are much more than their rank. For example, regional contexts and international agendas on the future development of higher education are important. The diversity demonstrated in the narratives would be difficult to comprise in global university rankings in a meaningful way.


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