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"The design of a Mobile system for voice e-assessment and vocal hygiene e-training", In International Conference on Interactive Mobile Communication, Technologies and Learning, IMCL2017, November 30 - 1 December, 2017, Thessaloniki, Greece.

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posted on 12.12.2017, 17:24 by Eugenia I. Toki, Konstantinos Plachouras, Georgios Tatsis, Spyridon K. Chronopoulos, Dionysios Tafiadis, Nausica Ziavra, Vasiliki Siafaka
The aim of this study is to investigate the design of a mobile system with the knowledge on early voice evaluation and vocal hygiene.The user will have feedback about his/her voice profile and hygiene and if necessary will be advised towards consulting an appropriate clinician. The methodology tool is based on expert systems. The system’s knowledge acquisition on voice assessment and hygiene is accomplished by a combination of the literature, empirical data and interdisciplinary experts’ collaboration. The system includes voice processing and user’s voice self-perception providing findings and suggestions towards a better well-being.


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