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Study of Anomaly Mediated SuSy Breaking model from Neutrino Physics

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posted on 2017-12-01, 19:04 authored by Marco A. Diaz, Roberto A. LinerosRoberto A. Lineros, F. de Campos, O. J. P. Éboli, M. B. Magro, P. G. Mercadante
Poster presented at:
-) Encuentro Chileno de Astrofísica Relativista y Astropartículas ARAP2004, Santiago, Chile
-) XXXV Escuela Latinoamericana de Física ELAF2004, Mexico City, Mexico

In SUSY models with broken R-parity, neutrinos acquire mass through the mixing with heavy neutral fermions called neutralinos. This fact is used to study the behavior of neutrino masses and mixing angles in the AMSB model context. Showing that AMSB-BRpV is a model compatible with the neutrino physics


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