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US Research Software Engineer Association: Sustainable software through stronger community (SIAM CSE21)

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posted on 05.03.2021, 20:24 by Lance ParsonsLance Parsons, Jeffrey C. CarverJeffrey C. Carver, Ian Cosden, Charles Ferenbaugh, Sandra GesingSandra Gesing, Chris Hill, Daniel S. KatzDaniel S. Katz, Christina Maimone, Jordan Perr-Sauer

Research of all kinds is increasingly dependent on developing and using software to solve specific research problems. However, not every researcher can be expected to be an expert in software development. Sustainable and robust research software requires Research Software Engineers (RSEs) who combine knowledge of research domains with software development skills.

These Research Software Engineers face challenges in career development, competitive compensation, stable employment, recognition, and finding colleagues and managers. The US Research Software Engineer Association (US-RSE) is a member-driven organization that is building a community of people who use the skills and practices of software engineering to build robust, manageable, and sustainable research software. The Association's mission is to improve research software through three main activities: providing a community to individuals working in the research software space; providing resources for current and future RSEs to hone their skills; and advocating for the RSE role with academic and commercial organizations and with research sponsors.

This poster will introduce the US-RSE Association and help people understand the RSE landscape, and where they might fit in.

A poster presented at the SIAM CSE21 conference, minisymposterium PP7: Software Productivity and Sustainability for CSE.