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COPO - Bridging the Gap from Data to Publication in Plant Science

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posted on 14.08.2015, 15:53 authored by Felix ShawFelix Shaw, Anthony EtukAnthony Etuk, Alejandra Gonzalez-BeltranAlejandra Gonzalez-Beltran, Phillipe Rocca-Serra, Alfie Abdul-RahmanAlfie Abdul-Rahman, Paul Kersey, Ruth Bastow, Susanna Sansone, Robert Davey

COPO streamlines the process of data deposition to public repositories by hiding much of the complexity of metadata capture and data management from the end-user. The ISA infrastructure ( is leveraged to provide the interoperability between metadata formats required for seamless deposition to repositories and to facilitate links to data analysis platforms. Logical groupings of artefacts (e.g. PDFs, raw data, contextual supplementary information) relating to a body of work are stored in COPO collections and represented by common standards, which are publicly searchable. Bundles of multiple data objects themselves can then be deposited directly into public repositories through COPO interfaces.


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