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OPERA - Open Research Analytics

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posted on 2018-12-04, 11:25 authored by Mogens Sandfær, Karen Hytteballe IbanezKaren Hytteballe Ibanez, Christina SteensboeChristina Steensboe, David Budtz Pedersen, Nikoline Dohm LauridsenNikoline Dohm Lauridsen, Birger Larsen, Poul Melchiorsen
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In 2018 the Danish project; Open Research Analytics —OPERA—was launched. OPERA is supported by Danish funder DEFF and runs for two years. The project aims at establishing open and advanced research analysis systems at Danish universities and in the wider Danish landscape around the universities.

OPERA brings together leading Danish actors with global operators and experts including Technical University of Denmark, Aalborg University, Aarhus University, Copenhagen University, Cornell University, TU Delft, German National Library of Science and Technology and CWTS Leiden.

OPERA will address a wide range of challenges for research analysis:

• GOOD GLOBAL DATA: Obtaining and consolidating the best global citations data

• SSH INCLUDED: Providing adequate documentation for research in the humanities and social sciences and relevance of research in the humanities and social sciences

• NEW TOOLS & CONCEPTS: Customizing and using innovative analysis and visualization tools

• OPEN SYSTEM: An open source system, directed and controlled by Danish stakeholders

• OPEN SCIENCE: Better recognition of Open Science contributions in metrics and evaluation

The poster will present work in progress, methods and approaches of the various work packages within the OPERA project.


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