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ISTS 2019 - The influence of "Leave No Trace" ordinances on sea turtle nesting success

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posted on 28.01.2019, 18:23 by Matthew Ware, Mariana M. P. B. Fuentes
Poster presented at the 2019 International Sea Turtle Symposium in Charleston, South Carolina, USA, from 2-8 February. This poster documents research efforts to describe how Leave No Trace ordinances have affected 1) sea turtle nesting success, and 2) the frequency of obstructed crawls. Two cities within the study area, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama, jointly implemented their Leave No Trace ordinances in 2016. Nesting success and the frequency of obstructed crawls were compared before and after the ordinance and between treatment and control sites in a BACIPS design and by binomial generalized linear models (GLMs).


Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Section 6 Grant F15AC01221

Florida State University Department of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Science Winchester Scholarship