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Soba Expedition. Preliminary report on the season of fieldwork conducted in 2019-2020

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posted on 2020-03-24, 12:22 authored by Mariusz DrzewieckiMariusz Drzewiecki, Robert Ryndziewicz, Tomasz Michalik, Joanna Ciesielska, Ewa Czyżewska-Zalewska, Maciej Kurcz, Mokhtar Maali Alden Mokhtar Hassan
The preliminary report from fieldwork conducted in 2019-2020 at Soba East (remains of the capital city of the medieval kingdom of Alwa). The report was written for the National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums of Sudan in January 2020.


National Science Centre, Poland grant no UMO-2018/29/B/HS3/02533