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Questionnaire to Characterize Long COVID: 200+ symptoms over 7 months

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posted on 2021-01-26, 05:20 authored by Hannah Davis, Gina Assaf, Lisa McCorkell, Hannah WeiHannah Wei, Ryan Low, Yochai Re'em, Athena AkramiAthena Akrami
A survey that describes over 200 symptoms of Long COVID (also known as Post-Acute COVID Syndrome, Long Hauler Syndrome, and Post-Acute COVID Sequelae). This includes sections on neurology, sleep changes, sensorimotor symptoms, emotion and mood changes, cardiovascular and respiratory symptoms, post-exertional malaise, fatigue, headaches, relapses, symptom triggers, and others.

This survey also include questions on quality of life, treatments, and economic impact.

This is a project of Patient-Led Research. This survey corresponds to the paper "Characterizing Long COVID in an International Cohort: 7 Months of Symptoms and Their Impact."

The survey is available in 9 languages: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Italian, and Indonesian.