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Fred Francis Bosworth -- Reporter of Pentecost: He 'Kept the News Flowing'

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posted on 2018-10-01, 20:24 authored by Roscoe Barnes IIIRoscoe Barnes III

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This blog post takes a look at the writing contributions of F.F. Bosworth and how he used the printed-page – and Christian radio -- to promote Pentecost during the first half of the 20th century. Specifically, it reviews his practice of reporting on revival meetings and his publication of articles, books, and tracts on such topics as Spirit baptism, speaking in tongues, divine healing, prayer, and revival. His reporting on a revival meeting in Dallas, Texas, in 1912 proved to be a significant moment in Pentecostal church history. Historians agree that his promotion of the Dallas revival was instrumental in drawing prominent Pentecostal leaders to the event. His efforts helped to propel him and his ministry to national acclaim.

Bosworth, a Pentecostal pioneer, is widely known as the famous healing evangelist who wrote the classic, Christ the Healer. He effectively used the printed page in many forms, such as news articles, advertisements, tracts, books, etc., to promote Pentecost.

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