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Conservation Tech Directory

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posted on 2023-05-08, 14:35 authored by Carly BatistCarly Batist, Gracie ErmiGracie Ermi, Gracie Ermie

A list of organizations, communities, companies, open-source projects and other resources within the conservation technology space.

*An interactive version of this directory is available at*

If you know of a resource that's not on this list but should be, fill out the google form (link below) and we'll add it. But please search the spreadsheet first to make sure the resource you're thinking of isn't already listed. Thanks!

This directory was created by Carly Batist & Gracie Ermi, who continue to maintain it and add resources. Feel free to reach out to them with any questions or suggestions regarding the directory!

Carly is a PhD Candidate in primatology at the City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Center in New York City. Her dissertation research combines vocal communication and passive acoustic monitoring to understand ruffed lemur behavior and survey their Critically Endangered populations in the southeastern rainforests of Madagascar. She is also the Science Outreach Coordinator at Rainforet Connection (RFCx). You can reach her on Twitter (@Carly_Batist), LinkedIn, or WILDLABS.

Gracie is a Machine Learning Scientist at the Impact Observatory. Her work focuses on using geospatial data to understand how land cover and land use is changing over time. Her career has centered around building AI to support environmental research and decision making. You can reach her on Twitter (@GracieErmi) or LinkedIn.

Suggested citation: Batist, C.H. & Ermi G. (2021). Conservation technology directory. Online resource.