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Wall shear stress distribution of 20 cerebral aneurysms during cardiac cycle

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posted on 2014-11-26, 19:21 authored by Arjan J. GeersArjan J. Geers, Ignacio Larrabide, Hernan G. Morales, Alejandro F. Frangi

Animation of the changing WSS fields during the cardiac cycle. To emphasize changes in distribution rather than magnitude, colormaps were normalized at each timestep by using the space-averaged WSS on the aneurysm as unit. View points were selected to best visualize the aneurysm, so images are not necessarily at the same scale.


The animation was created as part of this study:

Geers AJ, Larrabide I, Morales HG, Frangi AF. Approximating hemodynamics of cerebral aneurysms with steady flow simulations. Journal of Biomechanics, 47(1):178–185, 2014.