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Video from Stills: Lensless Imaging with Rolling Shutter

posted on 06.04.2019, 01:46 by Nick AntipaNick Antipa
supplementary high-speed videos of motion captured from a single capture camera. Using spatial multiplexing and the rolling shutter function common in most cameras, a high-speed video can be recreated from the single capture image.

Supplementary Video 1.avi: a 270x320x140 (Height x Width x Time) video of a falling tennis ball. This is at 4,545 fps. This is 8x spatial downsampling from the raw data.

Supplementary Video 2.avi: a 540x640x140 (Height x Width x Time) video of a foam dart rebounding off of an apple. This video was downsampled 4x spatially, then a further 2x temporally, resulting in 4,545 fps.

Supplementary Video 3.avi: An overview with narration describing our work. An extra reconstruction is shown near the conclusion.

Supplementary Video 4.avi: a 270x320x280 reconstruction of a foam dart rebounding off of a plastic ball. This was created from two subsequent rolling shutter captures. This illustrates the gap between frames caused by the readout time of the sensor.


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