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posted on 2022-07-19, 17:24 authored by Pedro GonçalvesPedro Gonçalves, Fernando Jose BrazFernando Jose Braz

Monitoring animal activity is of enormous importance for livestock management and is likely to have a huge impact on animal feed management. The nocturnal period represents a huge part of animals’ life cycle, and its study is of enormous importance.  

Present paper describes a dataset created based on data gathered by iFarmTec collars, applied to 18 sheep within the sheepfold, mainly during night period. The tests were carried out between 18 November 2021 and 16 February 2022, at Agriarian School of Viseu in Quinta da Alagoa, Estrada de Nelas, Viseu, Portugal. Animals kept their collars in a 24/7 period, that they were just removed for battery charging purposes. The data was collected by a gateway present at the sheepfold and were lately subjected to a preparation process that included the concatenation of daily files, a record duplicates and malformed records removal, and the insertion of additional attributes. 

The final dataset includes 1,937,630 records, covering the nocturnal period, and it was enriched by video surveillance images taken by a night vision video camera placed in the shelter that allow to analyze animal behavior during the period.