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Wildfire response of GPS-tracked Bonelli eagle

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posted on 2022-02-22, 11:35 authored by Sara MorollonSara Morollon, Vicente Urios, Juli G. PausasJuli G. Pausas, Pascual López-LópezPascual López-López

During the first two hours of the burning (25 June, 3 pm- 5 pm) the eagle move away 6 km following the wind direction (NW). For the next two hours, from five to seven in the afternoon, it remains in the same environment he had previously moved away from, while the fire progresses. The fire has not yet reached the nest. From seven to nine in the afternoon, we see how M_TAL barely moves while the fire growth significantly. He is in the northwest limit of its territory where he overnights. The nest of the couple in this territory has already been burned. Second day of wildfire (26 June): the wildfire has continued throughout the night, expanding a little more and M_TAL at eight in the morning leaves in a northerly direction through the limits of its territory. From eight to ten in the morning, we see that M_TAL registers a great activity and moves towards the east. From ten to twelve in the morning, M_TAL descends towards the south approaching the limit of the wildfire that was still active. He already has flown over the area where the fire started, corresponding to areas burned the day before. From twelve to three it is M_TAL flies over the entire burned area for an hour and a half and then he moves north up to 4 kilometers from the wildfire. From three in the afternoon M_TAL stays in the same place 4 kilometers from the fire where he spends all night. The last day of advance of the fire, in which it is active on the southern edge, M_TAL leaves at eight in the morning and goes south through the entire burned area including the active zones. Then, he leaves the wildfire area and returns to the north. From ten to three, M_TAL makes a broad survey of the northern part of his territory, and then, he returns to the wildfire area, and leaves it. The fire did not spread further, but until August 1, five days later, it was not controlled; and it was the fifth day the first day that M_TAL overnight in the burned area for the first time since the fire started. M_TAL’s movements during these five days are shown below. On the fourth day of the wildfire, M_TAL moves through the western part of his territory, bordering the burned area. M_TAL spends most of the sixth day (30 June) in the southern part of the wildfire, which is the most recent burned area. On the seventh day of wildfire (1st August), M_TAL moves most of the day over the burned area, moving from south to north. He spends most of the eighth day of fire on the edges of the burned area, especially in the south and east ones.