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Building Tools with the figshare API - Webinar Recording

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Abstract: The figshare Application Programming Interface (API -- see more at http://docs.figshare.com) gives institutions the flexibility to customize many aspects of the platform and integrate with existing university systems. Using the development skills at the institution, the figshare open API enables libraries to offer research data services to amplify the outputs of their researchers. 

In this webinar, Robert Casey Gibbs, Marcos Hernandez, and Alex Kosarek from St Edward’s University walk us through the work their group has done to customize the figshare for institutions platform to maximize the impact of the NSF-funded Tropospheric Atmosphere Project. Using a blend of the figshare infrastructure and the St Edward’s University’s Wordpress platform, the research data services team is able to provide a seamless experience for their research project. This approach allows universities to have full control over the look and feel of their data repository whilst making the most of figshare’s user interface, research data management functionality, and long-term preservation features. 

St. Edward’s University is a private Catholic liberal arts institution of approximately 4,700 students located in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas, with a network of partner universities around the world. Founded in 1885 by the Congregation of Holy Cross, the university provides an extraordinary educational environment that challenges, inspires and empowers students to make a difference in their world. 

figshare for institutions is a research data management platform that helps universities control the storage, preservation and release of digital objects created by their researchers. 

Dan Valen (figshare): 0:00 - 9:18
Casey Gibbs (St. Edwards): 9:20 - 23:35 (some gaps due to connectivity at 15 min) 
Marcos Hernandez (St. Edwards): 23:36 - 30:52
Casey Gibbs (St. Edwards): 30:53 - 34:48
Alex Kosarek (St. Edwards): 34:49 - 37:46
Casey Gibbs (conclusion): 37:47 - 38:41
Mark Hahnel, Casey Gibbs, Dan Valen (questions and final comments): 38:42