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¿Es Husserl un disyuntivista? La fenomenología ante un problema contemporáneo de la filosofía de la percepción

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posted on 2020-06-16, 10:42 authored by Rodrigo Y. SandovalRodrigo Y. Sandoval
Under the framework of static phenomenology, I will introduce the Husserlian descriptions of the relation between sensible content and apprehension (Inhalt-Auffassungsschema), and the non-representationalist approach to perception of transcendental phenomenology. In order to place Husserlian phenomenology in a context marked by disjunctivism, I will confront some objections that emerged from certain readings of the transcendental method. Finally, I will reject the tightness of the debate between disjunctivists and representationalists, giving way to the possibilities opened by phenomenology in the description of perception.


Conicyt Doctorado Nacional 21170107


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