Transforming UniSA Library’s fixed service point to proactive virtual services

2017-08-17T23:41:20Z (GMT) by Wayne Shephard Stephanie Simon

University of South Australia Library has recently transformed the enquiry service delivery model. Fixed information desks were replaced with video booths and telephones and proactive chat widgets were installed on all Library webpages. The responsibility of responding to virtual queries was rolled out from one specialised team to a large portion of the staff across all 5 campus library service areas.

This paper describes the ‘cutting edge’ technology and software used in this transition as well as the need for self-instigated training and supported team training. The ability to self-assess and self-instigate is essential in order to succeed in an increasingly digital library environment. This ability ensures staff confidence operating the new service model and technology and a high level of customer service, regardless of how patrons contact the University Library. This model ensures patrons can make meaningful contact with the library anywhere, anytime, any device.