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The Influence of Open Access on Monograph Sales : The experience at Amsterdam University Press

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posted on 2014-10-17, 15:49 authored by Ronald SnijderRonald Snijder

The hybrid model of Amsterdam University
Press (AUP) combines monograph
sales with Open Access publishing. This
paper investigates the effects of Open
Access publishing on the sales of monographs,
taking into account the influence
of: commercial potential; frontlist and
backlist; and language. The data set contains
sales figures of 513 books, spread
over 36 months: 2010 to 2012. Over 70 per
cent of those books are published on Open
Access and are distributed through the
OAPEN Library. Each influence is relevant,
which makes it harder to single out the
effects of Open Access. The large difference
between frontlist sales figures and
those of the backlist leads to a separate
analysis. The frontlist sales are affected
by a combination of commercial potential
and language; Open Access publishing has
no effect in this situation. For the backlist,
Open Access publishing is a significant influence
on sales only in the subset of books
whose print run is between one and 2000.
No significant effect on books with a print
run of zero, or on books with a print run between
2001 and 3000, could be measured.
The hybrid model does not lead to more
sales of monographs available on Open
Access, and the loss of sales is negligible.
The data suggest that a hybrid model is not
an option to improve the sustainability of
monograph publishing.



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