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Techniques and Tools: Effectiveness of Research-based Pedagogical Techniques through Online Learning Tools with Secondary Students

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posted on 2015-04-09, 17:35 authored by Leia DolphyLeia Dolphy

With the rapid growth of the online learning environment (OLE), many teachers face the challenge of teaching effectively in this new environment. This study examined online secondary teachers’ opinions of the effectiveness of various researched-based pedagogical techniques (RPT) implemented through online learning tools on student participation, academic achievement, and satisfaction. The purpose is to help teachers improve how they may use online learning tools effectively for RPT application. The data were collected through an online survey distributed to participants in the fall of 2014. The findings showed that online secondary teachers most frequently used the online learning tools blogs, discussion boards, and interactive tutorials/modules. Wikis, virtual worlds, and social network sites were rarely used in online secondary classes and had the most reported barriers for use. Not seeing the potential of the online learning tool was found to be the most common barrier, along with the inability of a course management software (CMS) to implement a tool. This study concludes that there are generally positive relationships between online learning tools with RPT and student participation, academic achievement, and satisfaction in online secondary courses. Online secondary teachers need training and support to implement tools with RPT found effective in literature. It is recommended that more research be conducted to look at the relationship between the effectiveness, frequency of use, and barriers, as well as examine how other participant demographics may impact the data.