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posted on 2022-11-18, 15:36 authored by Damien ChaussabelDamien Chaussabel

This short video demonstrates a functionality of the pregnancy BloodGen3 application, that is accessible via this link: 

The “modules X individuals” tab provides users with the opportunity to generate custom fingerprint heatmap plots. Rows represent modules for a given aggregate, but this time columns represent individual subjects (rather than study groups as in the previous tab). It is in this instance possible to combine multiple module aggregates, simply by typing in turn in the box the IDs of the modules of interest (e.g. A28 is the ID for module aggregate A28). A drop-down menu permits to choose whether to display results for the MSP cohort only (MSP), the PROMISSE cohorts only (PROMISSE), or combine both cohorts (MSP-PROMISSE). It is also possible for users to apply a filter removing modules showing only modest changes in abundance across the set of samples selected. Choosing “Method 1”, combined with the “Check % average” slider permits to set a threshold based on the average module response value across all samples (e.g. selecting Method 1 from the drop-down menu and setting “Check % average” at 20 will remove from the heatmap below all modules for which the average module response is <20%). Of note, if the filter applied exclude all modules the application will return an error message. It is then indicated to lower the threshold accordingly. 


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