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MOESM2 of Analysis of the genetic variation in mitochondrial DNA, Y-chromosome sequences, and MC1R sheds light on the ancestry of Nigerian indigenous pigs

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posted on 2017-06-26, 05:00 authored by Adeniyi Adeola, Olufunke Oluwole, Bukola Oladele, Temilola Olorungbounmi, Bamidele Boladuro, Sunday Olaogun, Lotanna Nneji, Oscar Sanke, Philip Dawuda, Ofelia Omitogun, Laurent Frantz, Robert Murphy, Hai-Bing Xie, Min-Sheng Peng, Ya-Ping Zhang
Additional file 2. Details on blood sampling of NIP individuals and sequencing of mtDNA D-loop, Y-chromosome and MC1R sequences [15–17, 23]. This is comprehensive information on sampling and sequencing procedure for the 204 NIP.