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Hygrophilous tall herb communities in the Stołowe Mts, against their diversity in the Sudetes (Poland)

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posted on 09.02.2014, 20:28 by Krzysztof ŚwierkoszKrzysztof Świerkosz, Kamila ReczyńskaKamila Reczyńska

The differentiation of hygrophilous tall herb communities in the Stołowe Mts seems to be known sufficiently well, in spite of that only some relevés were published. In the Stołowe Mts only two communities have been distinguished so far – Geranio phaei-Urticetum dioicae and Petasitetum albi. The wide phytosociological investigation carried out by authors in 2011 in many localities of hygrophilous tall herb communities in the Sudetes
and their foreland brings new information in this area. Results of analyses revealed that four different hygrophilous tall herb communities should be distinguished within the area of the Stołowe Mts. According to proposal of Michl et al. (2010) communities occurring in the Stołowe Mts do not belong to Adenostylion alliariae, which is limited to the subalpine zone, but to two other alliances: Rumicion alpini and Arunco dioici-Petasition albi.



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